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SPHERIC maintains two databases of SPH literature:



A SPHERIC group has been opened on Zotero:

If you have new references for inclusion in the bibliography, please add them to the group's library. Email Prof. Daniel Duque if you have any doubt on how to proceed.



New Wikipedia entry on SPH:



Special issues:


Upcoming Special Issues 

2021: "Advances and Applications of SPH in Ocean Engineering", Applied Ocean Research
Editors: Abbas Khayyer, Benedict D. Rogers and A-Man Zhang

Published Special Issues

2019: "Particle-based Methods: Fundamentals and Applications", Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements
Editor: Moubin Liu

2019: "SPH for Coastal and Ocean Engineering", Coastal Engineering Journal, Volume 61, SI, 2019.
Editors: Hitoshi Gotoh, Abbas Khayyer 

2019: "Theoretical, numerical and computational advances of the SPH method for solving fluid problems", Computers & Fluids, VSI, 2019.
Editors: David Le Touzé, Steven Lind, Renato Vacondio, Alex Crespo

2018: “SPH in Coastal, Ocean and Hydraulic Engineering”, International Journal of Ocean and Coastal Engineering, Volume 01, Issue 02, 2018.
Editors: Bing Ren, Songdong Shao, Ping Dong

2016: “Particle Methods for Flow Modeling In Ocean Engineering“, Journal of Ocean Engineering and Marine Energy, Volume 2, Issue 3, 2016.      
Editors: Peter K. Stansby, Qingwei Ma

2010: “SPH for free-surface flows”, Journal of Hydraulic Research, Volume 48, S1, 2010.      
Editors: Moncho Gomez-Gesteira, Benedict D. Rogers, Damien Violeau, Jose Maria Grassa, Alex Crespo

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