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How to become a Member of the Steering Committee

To become a member of the SPHERIC Steering Committee requires a commitment greater than just being active in SPH either as a user or researcher.  
Each member of the SPHERIC Steering Committee is expected to be actively supporting the SPH community. 

The following leadership activities are typically expected for a member of the SPHERIC Steering Committee:
-       Organize a SPHERIC Workshop 
-       Produce the Newsletter 
-       Run the SPHERIC Website, YouTube channel and Twitter account
-       Review Abstracts and Papers as part of the Scientific Committee 
-       Provide leadership of one of the SPHERIC Grand Challenges 
-       Run community awareness activities such as the CiteULike SPH page, administering the ‘Joe Monaghan’ prize 
-       Organize journal Special Issues on SPH 
-       Attend bi-annual Steering Committee meetings

If you are interested in suggesting an activity or becoming a member of the Steering Committee, please contact any member of the committee.

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