Validation Tests

SPH Benchmark Test Cases

Test 2

3-D schematic dam break and evolution of the free surface (R. Issa & D. Violeau)

Test 5

2-D SPH Validation: Effect of wet bottom on dam break evolution (A.J.C. Crespo)

Test 8

Kelvin-Helmholtz instability (external from astrophysics SPH community: Justin Read)

Test 11

Subaerial landslide-tsunami generation with a rigid slide (V. Heller, B.D. Rogers)

Test 3

2-D Driven cavity without gravity (B.D. Rogers)

Test 6

2-D Incompressible flow around a moving square inside a rectangular box (A. Colagrossi)

Test 9

Tuned Liquid Damping (A. Souto-Iglesias, Elkin Botia-Vera)

Test 12

2-D Wave interaction with floating body (A. Crespo, A. Colagrossi)

Test 4

2-D flow over a rippled bed (A. Panizzo)

Test 7

Experimental: Subaerial landslide generated impulse waves in a wave channel (V. Heller)

Test 10

Sloshing Wave Impact (A. Souto-Iglesias, Elkin Botia-Vera)

Test 13

2-D Wave interaction with perforated breakwaters (D. Meringolo, F. Aristodemo)

Download Template for suggesting new test cases.